Why is social media presence an essential thing for your brand?

It’s a fact that social media presence in your business is vital whether you are running a local shop or a national firm. Social media is a powerful marketing strategy that you can use. With social media presence in your brand you will increase the number of customers, increase sales, create more awareness about your brand and boost your profits.

This is so because of over 3B internet users worldly on a monthly basis.it was recently reported that about 52% of social media marketers have increased their companies sales and revenue by use of social media.

Therefore, some of the most influential social media platforms that boost businesses are, Facebook, LinkedIn, you tube, twitter and Instagram. Let’s learn some of the things that will help you realize that social media presence in your business is a wise idea to think about.

Your business gets attention and builds

All you need is to create your business profile on your major social media platforms so that you create awareness of your business.

Your business will enhance its visibility and recognition and within no time you will get a gang of potential customers and keep them. Having the right content of your business and what they need will attract their attention.

For this case make sure your website has written articles, clear images, videos, infographics, offers and webinars. You can even go live on Facebook, use memes and GIF’s to market your business to attract new customers.

Have a specific strategy as it will help you determine the best platform that will suit your business.

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Encourages engagement

Through social media you can create relationships, connections, instant interactions and build customer loyalty by use of open conversations. Maybe you can post a pair of handbags and you can receive comments, shares and likes.

Other customers may ask someone has ever bought the item, how good is it and about delivery whether it is fast or not. New customers will be interested to read through the comments and make a purchase.

You can opt to o live on Facebook and engage audience in a Q&A session, explain about features and use of certain product or engage them by use of short videos. Doing this will help you grow your audience.

A few things to note is that; make sure you have enough light, a smartphone, tripod and good internet connection for efficiency.

Provides support

Social media channels have enabled easy and efficient interaction between companies and their customers.no need for calling customer care online anymore like before, you have twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to get your problems sorted instantly.

To have a responsive reputations and a caring brand you have to respond quickly to your customers concerns, have a system to track your customers comments, complains, questions on social media and respond to them accordingly.

This builds your relationship and loyalty with your customers and earn you bunch of new customers as well.


In this digital realm, social media has become the most effective tool to promote your business or make your brand shout out above your business rivals.

Globally, a large pool of individuals possess smartphones, laptops, PC, tabs and IPhones that they can surf any time and at the comfort of their home. This makes it easy for you to establish your business online due to lots of engagement you’ll get, traction and new visitors in your business.


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