Move Wordpress Website To New Domain Easily
Move WordPress Website To New Domain Easily

Do you wish to redirect your WordPress site to a different domain? Modifying your site’s web domain may have a major influence on your SEO results, therefore it’s a process that should be approached with caution.

While it is impossible to eliminate temporary SEO fluctuations while transferring your website to a new domain, you can certainly reduce the impact and rapidly restore your search traffic and rankings.

SO, our guide will easily show you exactly HOW to move the WordPress website to a new domain with absolute ease. 

Is Moving a WordPress Site to a New Domain a Good Idea?

In our experience, web website online proprietors relocate their WordPress. Web sites to a brand new area for plenty of reasons. Some of the reasons are excellent, and they make the process worthwhile. But 

at times, there are some situations where it’s best not to move.

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So, when is it a smart idea to do it?

  • You’re renaming your company. Because your company’s name has changed, you must update the domain name of your website.
  • You were able to obtain a far better domain name. For instance, suppose you wish to go from a or a to a One may have chosen a shorter web domain, such as to
  • In other circumstances, renewing the present domain name is prohibitively expensive. Annually, the price of the brand-name supplier rises, making it extremely financially infeasible.
  • You bought your domain name from one company and your hosting package from another. You would like to shift the web domain to your hosting to make things simpler.

When is it not a good idea?

  • Changing domain names frequently if you come across a better-sounding name. To create a brand, it’s critical to pick a name and stay with it for the long haul.
  • You were successful in locating a sought-after domain name for sale, which can boost your traffic and rankings. You must be certain that the domain name has not been banned by search engines, browsers, or email servers. Discover the reasons why the owner handed up the domain name.
  • Your website was penalised by a search engine algorithm and you want to change domain names to circumvent it. Even if you relocate to a different domain, the penalty will continue if you do not change your content or the reason you were penalised.

Make the change if you have a valid reason and believe it is worthwhile. In the subsequent sections, you may discover ways to migrate a WordPress web website online to a brand new area such that the URL of your internet site modifications but the content material stays the same.In our experience, site owners relocate their WordPress sites to a new domain for a variety of reasons. For instance, to or to

Now, the main steps to achieve this:

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Hover over Plugins.
  • Click on Add New.
  • Further, go to the search box and type in All-In-One Wp Migration.
  • You’ll see the plugin, all you have to do is simply install it. 
  • Afterwards, Activate it. 
  • Once it’s done, hold on to the plugin which you’ll see on the left side of your screen. 
  • Go and click on Export
  • After it opens, click on Export To option and then select File option.
Move WordPress Website To New Domain Easily
Move WordPress Website To New Domain Easily
Move WordPress Website To New Domain Easily
Move WordPress Website To New Domain Easily

You’ll see on your screen that the data is being fetched from this site. Although be patient as it will take a bit of time.

  • When it finally loads, click on Download WordPress.
  • Further, save this file.

Go ahead and move to the new domain where you wanted to move your WordPress website. 

  • Hover on to Plugins.
  • Click on Add New.
  • Further search or All-In-One Wp Migration.
  • Click on Install and then Activate.
  • Hold on to All-In-One Wp Migration from the dashboard sidebar. 
  • Go ahead and click on Import.
  • Select Import From. 
  • Then Upload the File that you downloaded earlier. 
  • Patiently wait for the File to get uploaded.
  • You’ll see a dialogue box.
  • Click on Proceed.
  • Once you successfully import the data, you can visit your new domain.
  • You can go ahead and login to the same site. 
  • You’ll see that the WordPress website has now been further moved to a new domain. 
Move WordPress Website To New Domain Easily
Move WordPress Website To New Domain Easily

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