How to Verify your WordPress Site on Pinterest
How to Verify your WordPress Site on Pinterest

Pinterest is among the most widely used social media sites where a user can share their photos and/or videos. Like Instagram, Pinterest allows its users to create an account and manage their media which they post on it. 

It also helps other users to collect other visual content and website links by creating boards. Pinterest can be a vital source of advertising and promotions if you are running a website which involves photography, or any other type of blog with visual content.

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By verifying your WordPress website on Pinterest, users would be able to learn more about those who visit their account using Pinterest Analytics. Users will also be able to participate in their ad programs and plan various strategies to grow their Pinterest accounts.

Having said that, let’s move on to the steps on how to verify your WordPress site on Pinterest.

How to Verify Your WordPress Site on Pinterest

  • Open your Pinterest account and upgrade it to a business account.
How to Verify your WordPress Site on Pinterest
  • To do that, click on the down arrow mentioned on the top right corner of your screen.
How to Verify your WordPress Site on Pinterest
  • Next, click on the Unlock business tools option.
How to Verify your WordPress Site on Pinterest
  • Click on the Switch to business button.
  • Next, enter your business account credentials like name, website URL, country and language.
How to Verify your WordPress Site on Pinterest
  • Once done, click on the Next button to go further.
  • Describe your business in the next step and click on Next button.
How to Verify your WordPress Site on Pinterest
  • If you want to receive notifications, select the option for the same and click on Next  button.
  • Next screen gives you an
How to Verify your WordPress Site on Pinterest
  • option if you are interested in advertising on Pinterest. If you are, you may select it and move forward by clicking the Next button.
  • On the next screen, Pinterest will show you various options to kick-off your business account. You may skip this part by clicking on the Cross icon. 
How to Verify your WordPress Site on Pinterest
  • To claim your website on Pinterest, click on Claim domain button and you will be taken to the claim settings.
  • If you want to get credit for your media posts on Pinterest, click the Claim button for websites.
How to Verify your WordPress Site on Pinterest
  • You will be given three options to claim your website. While being the easiest, we would recommend you to choose the Add HTML tag option.
  • There is another way to do this step. You can download the required HTML file and upload it on your website using your WordPress hosting file manager.
  • Next, you are supposed to add the HTML tag to your WordPress site. There are two methods to do that-

Using All in One SEO

  • Go to All in One SEO.
  • Visit the General Settings page.
  • Click on the Webmaster tools tab from the top menu.
  • Next, click on the Pinterest Site Verification block.
  • Now, enter the HTML tag you copied in the last step.
  • Save your changes.

Using Insert Headers and Footers

  • Visit the Settings menu.
  • Go to the Insert Headers and Footers page in the admin area.
  • Now, paste the HTML tag in the Scripts in Header menu.
  • Click on the Save button to store your changes.
  • Go back to your Pinterest account.
  • Click on the Continue button in the popup. 
  • Enter the URL of your website and click on Verify.

That’s it! It will take a little time to verify your website. As soon as it is completed, you will receive a confirmation message on your registered email address.

We really hope this article helped you with verifying your WordPress website on Pinterest. You may contact us or check out our website if you ever find yourself stuck in any other WordPress related problem.

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