How To Restore The Get ShortLink Button In WordPress
How To Restore The Get ShortLink Button In WordPress

Do you want to reintroduce the Get Shortlink button into WordPress? Short Links are shortened versions of your URL that may be used to share your website on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Because posts on these sites are often brief and simple, large URLs are undesirable. Unfortunately, this button was deleted with the WordPress 4.4 upgrade.

If you rely extensively on this button for your social media requirements, you are likely missing it or have discovered another means to shorten your links. If so, I can quickly assist you restore this button to restart your demands. Today, I’ll show you how to reintroduce the Get Shortlink button to WordPress.

Why Can Short Links Help Your Website?

In the present society, social media is the most well known sort of media. Social networking websites have the highest traffic of any website on the planet, making them the finest location to promote. Facebook alone has over 1 billion monthly users, and the other networks have equally staggering figures. 

1 billion is a huge number, but it can still be tough to understand at times. One percent of one billion equals ten million, indeed ten million, whereas One percent equals one million. Taking advantage of even a tiny proportion is a significant gain for any website. And Learn How to restore the get ShortLink Button in WordPress.

You can watch the video tutorial below for this article:

Social media grows year after year, and how you show your content changes on a regular basis. What is successful is one thing that never changes. Shorter URLs help you do this. Shorter URLs help you achieve this.

Presently, we should push forward with the method for reestablishing the Get ShortLink Button in WordPress.

  • Go on your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  • Hover directly to Appearance and go tap on Theme Editor.
  • First, you need to pick out the Theme in that you are going to make changes
How To Restore The Get ShortLink Button In WordPress

Schema by my Theme Shop is the one in my case. 

  • Click on Theme Functions at the proper hand side.
  • Scroll right all the way down to the bottom of the page.
  • Here you need to input a small code.
How To Restore The Get ShortLink Button In WordPress

NOTE: Prior to making any code-related transforms, it is proposed to have a backup of your site JUST IN CASE anything turns out badly, then you can basically reestablish it subsequently


// Adding Get Shortlink Button
add_filter( 'get_shortlink', function( $shortlink ) {return $shortlink;} );
How To Restore The Get ShortLink Button In WordPress
  • Paste it at the Functions php file. 

This code will add a short connection button, thus, 

  • Click on the Update button.
  • Once you’ve added this code and the file is successfully edited now. 

Once you refresh the website, the Get Short Link button must be visible in your WordPress site now. 

As long as you successfully followed all the instructions mentioned above, you must have easily restored the Get Short Link button.

In the event that you have more inquiries, and need more support, feel totally free to look at our site or contact Digital Suncity.

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