How To Limit The Number Of Checkboxes Selection In WPForms WordPress

In this tutorial, you will learn how to limit the number of checkboxes selected in WP Forms.

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Let’s follow these steps.

Step 1: Create a New Form

Hover over WP Forms and click on “Add New” to create a new form. Give your form a unique name and select the template that suits your requirements.

Create new form

Step 2: Add the Checkbox Field

In the form builder, you will find the checkbox field under “Standard Fields.” Drag and drop the checkbox field to the desired position on your form.

Checkbox field WP Forms

Step 3: Configure the Checkbox Field

Click on the checkbox field to configure its features. You can add or remove checkboxes using the respective buttons. Rename the choices as needed by editing the label or name fields. You can also enable the “Use Image” option to set separate images for each checkbox if desired.

Configure checkbox field

Step 4: Save the Changes

Once you have added and configured the checkboxes, save the changes to your form.

Saving WP Forms

Step 5: Preview the Form

Preview the form to ensure that users can easily select multiple checkboxes.

Preview WP Forms

Step 6: Limit the Number of Checkboxes Selected

To limit the number of checkboxes a user can select, go to the “Advanced” tab of the checkbox field’s configuration options. Enter the maximum number of checkboxes that the user can select in the “Max Selections” field.

Limit checkboxes selected

Step 7: Save the Changes

After setting the maximum number of selections, save the changes to your form.

Save changes

Step 8: Preview the Form with Limited Selections

Preview the form again to see the changes. When a user tries to select more checkboxes than the specified limit, an error message will be displayed, indicating that they have exceeded the allowed number of selections.

Form preview

By following these steps, you can easily limit the number of checkboxes selected in WP Forms. This feature allows you to control the number of choices users can make, ensuring data accuracy and preventing excessive selections.

Remember to save your form after making any changes to ensure that the settings are applied correctly.

That’s it! You have now learned how to limit the number of checkboxes selected in WP Forms. Enjoy customizing your forms and enhancing the user experience.


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