How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button In WordPress
How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button In WordPress 

Do you wish to increase the overall subscribers that are on your YouTube channel? It is a pretty obvious fact that if you have a subscribe button on your blog then it would make it pretty easy for all the visitors to manage finding your videos and subscribing to your channel. 

Our article will guide you on How to exactly add a YouTube subscribe button in WordPress to solve your issue. If you add a YouTube subscribe button in your WordPress website, it would undoubtedly increase traffic to your Youtube channels and it would even allow all the users to understand the connection between your site and your YoutTube channel. 

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Now, let’s go further with learning how to really add a YouTube Subscribe button in WordPress

Method 1: How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button In WordPress 

This is actually just the manual method of simply adding a Youtube Subscribe button right in your WordPress site. The first step is actually just to simply visit the Youtube subscribe button page right on your Google Developer’s site. 

How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button In WordPress 

Once you open this website, you would further have to enter the name of your Youtube channel, and then you need to choose a layout, theme, and finally the subscriber count option. 

How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button In WordPress 

This would display a sort of a preview of how your button is going to exactly look straight on the website. As soon as you are finally satisfied with it, you have to further scroll downward and then copy the embed code. 

How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button In WordPress 
How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button In WordPress 
  • After this step, you need to login to your WordPress Admin area. 
  • Hover on to Appearance.
  • Then, tap on Widgets. 
  • All that you would be required to do is simply drag and drop a text widget straight up in your Widget area.
  • Further you need to go and paste the YouTube subscribe button code straight up inside the widget.
  • As soon as you’re done with this, you need to click on Save Changes, 

Now, you can further go ahead and refresh your website to check whether the Youtube subscribe button has been added to your WordPress website. 

Method 2: How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button In WordPress 

You would have to use a Plugin to add the YouTube subscribe bar. 

Another method of putting a YouTube subscribe button right on your WordPress website is simply by adding it right under every single Youtube video on your WordPress site. This would even manage to give you more exposure and would even help you possibly increase your subscribers. 

  • First, open your WordPress admin area.
  • Further hover on to Plugins. 
  • Tap on Add New. 
  • In the search box, further type in YouTube Subscribe Bar. 
  • Go ahead and Install and Activate it. 
  • As soon as you’re done activating the plugin, you have to go to Settings. 
  • You are required to tap on the YouTube Subscribe Bar so that you can add your YouTube channel. 
  • You would even be required to select a button layout, a button theme, and show the Subscribers count. 

This YouTube Subscribe Bar plugin lets you even add some text right before the button and even allows you to edit the Styling. You even have the option to utilise this space for adding a CTA, for example, “Subscribe To My Channel”. 

This plugin would immediately portray the YouTube Subscribe bar right under every single YouTube video that you add to your site. 

As long as you followed all the correct steps in both the methods, you must have successfully achieved adding the YouTube subscribe button in your WordPress website.

If by any chance you have any more doubts or questions, feel free to check out our website Digital Suncity or you can even contact us. 

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