How to Add Social Media Icons To The Wordpress
How to Add Social Media Icons To The WordPress

Today, social networking is one of the most successful ways to advertise your WordPress website, generating crucial word-of-mouth advertising, enhancing your SEO, and assisting you in building a stronger relationship with your audience. 

Therefore, why make it a lot harder for users to engage with you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other key social networking sites.

Numerous WordPress themes include built-in social networking buttons, so what if your favorite WordPress theme lacks this critical feature? Or maybe you don’t really like the way the constructed social sharing icons appear and would like to change them with icons that don’t conflict with the structure of your website.

You can watch the video tutorial below for this article:

Would you like to include social network icons in your WordPress menu? While WordPress lacks a section for social media network accounts, you can rapidly add and showcase social networking icons on any widget-ready area in WordPress via using WordPress drop – down menus. 

We’ll teach you how exactly one can add social media icons to WordPress menus in this article. By the conclusion of this article, you’ll have made it simple for users to follow you on all major social networks by including icons that connect to your site’s social media pages.

As a plus to following you on social networks, you should encourage readers to share your current blog article with their friends and family, which might result in hundreds of extra click-throughs and comments, as well as that all-important social media buzz. I’ll also teach you how to add social sharing symbols to your site, along with a floating bar that trails visitors as they scroll up and down the page, guaranteeing that your social sharing icons are always easily accessible.

Why Should You Include Social Media Icons in Menus?

The most significant advantage of utilising WordPress menus to add social media icons is the flexibility to adjust the order in which they appear using a simple drag and drop interface.

Though you can make quite a few use of third-party Aside from the simple drag-and-drop interface, when you add social media icons to WordPress menus, you could display them in any widget-geared up phase of your site, including your sidebar, footer area, beneath articles, and so on.

Then, let’s have a look at how to easily add social media buttons to WordPress menus.

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Hover directly to Plugins.
  • Then, go ahead and click on Add New.
How to Add Social Media Icons To The WordPress
  • Begin entering Simple Social Icons into the Search field. 
  • When the proper plugin appears, click the Install Now button next to it.
  • Then click on Activate. 
How to Add Social Media Icons To The WordPress
  • Once the plugin has been activated, Hover directly to Appearance after which click on on Widgets. You can add the information as per your choice.
How to Add Social Media Icons To The WordPress
  • From the list of widgets there, you have to look out for Simple Social Icons. 
How to Add Social Media Icons To The WordPress
  • Once you view it, drag and drop it on the right side, in the position where you want it to be. 
  • Now, on the Title box write Follow Us. (You can write it according to your taste.)
  • Tick mark the box beside Open Links In New Windows. 
  • You’ll see various widget settings, you can select alignment, icon color, background color, border color, etc. all according to your own preference. 
  • Afterwards you’ll see a lot of empty text boxes for the URLs for various social networking platforms. 
  • You can add the information as per your choice. 
  • Just remember to click on Save in the end and then Done. 
How to Add Social Media Icons To The WordPress

Once it’s finally saved, you can go ahead and check the website to see if it’s actually working. You’ll see the icons seen at the internet site so long as you accompanied the stairs correctly.

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