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8 Best WordPress Themes For Designers

WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms for creating full-featured websites and launching a new business. It gives the user a variety of options from which to choose in order to assist them in making educated judgments about how their page is viewed and understood by their intended audience.

As a designer, you may have an extremely set vision for your website. You might be extremely meticulous about each element and you might want to ensure that your portfolio looks stellar on your website. Fear not, WordPress and its expansive themes might just be the place for you. They cater to all kinds of tastes and needs, making them some of the most accessible themes and allowing you to build the website of your dreams in minutes. Read on, to know all about some of the best WordPress themes for designers!

Werkstatt: Best WordPress theme for designer

Best WordPress theme for designer

Werkstatt is a WordPress theme for creative portfolios, but it may also be used by digital firms. With full-width layouts, the theme has a highly modern and strong design language. Furthermore, you may use custom navigation bars to allow visitors to see your featured material.

The theme includes a number of samples, including a few agency website layouts, which should be plenty to get you started. You may also import the demos fast and easily. Additionally, if the demos don’t suit your tastes, you may use Visual Composer (which is included with the theme) to edit them to your liking.

Some other features of this theme are:

  • It is compatible with Woo Commerce, WordPress’ leading shopping plugin, ensuring that your online shop provides the users a seamless shopping experience and that they come back for more!
  • It has various funky hover effects giving your website some much needed gumption and making it stand out from countless other agency websites.
  • It also comes optimized for WordPress SEO which helps your site rank better on various search engines.

The theme is available for $59, know more about Werkstatt by clicking demo!

Stockholm: WordPress theme for designers

Best WordPress theme for designer

Stockholm is a multi-concept WordPress theme that is totally responsive and retina-ready. The theme includes a lot of demo material, all of which is designed in a very modern, clean, and simple manner.

This theme comes with a total of 20 demo sites, all of which are designed to be notably different from one another. Moreover, the varied selection is complimented by the Visual Composer drag and drop builder that allows you to quickly create your ideal website.

The layout features infinite colours, configurable header styles, and the power to mix sample material in terms of customizability.

Some plugins supported by Stockholm are:

  • It is compatible with WooCommerce, WordPress’ leading shopping plugin, ensuring that your online shop provides the users a seamless shopping experience and that they come back for more.
  • It also supports Contact Form 7, helping you send email instantaneously with suitable markup and build relevant forms for your users.
  • It is also WPML compatible!

Stockholm is one of the best WordPress themes for designers, simply because of its expansive features and multipurpose functionalities. The theme is available for $69, know more about Stockholm by clicking demo!

Ohio: WordPress theme for designers

Best WordPress theme for designer

Ohio has been specifically designed for designers of all sorts because of its extremely creative outlook and features that are reminiscent of a portfolio website.

If you’re a designer, you’ll fit right in with the sleek Ohio WordPress theme’s target audience. The majority of the 20+ demos included in this versatile theme bundle would be ideal for designers. So, whether you’re looking to start a new portfolio website or build an online platform to promote your services and attract new clients, Ohio is a good place to start.

The examples that come with Ohio contain choices for constructing agency, personal, and portfolio sites, to mention a few, so you can get a decent understanding of what this theme is capable of. All of the demos feature incredibly innovative and eye-catching designs, guaranteeing that your website can capture your visitors’ attention and indicate that you’re a professional with a keen eye for design.

Some other features of this theme are:

  • If there’s anything in the Ohio demonstrations that you think should be changed to better fit your needs, it’s simple to do so. This is due to the Ohio theme’s compatibility for the Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder plugins, the latter of which is included in the bundle at no additional cost.
  • Ohio should appeal to anybody who wants their website to make a good first impression on their visitors, with themes that contain stunning background photos and unique layouts.
  • Ohio, on the other hand, isn’t merely pretty to look at. This theme has several extremely important elements to help you properly exhibit your design work and advertise your services and abilities. 

With so many high-quality examples to choose from, Ohio is likely to have at least one choice that’s perfect for your designer site.

The theme is available for $59, know more about Ohio by clicking demo!

Oberon: WordPress theme for designers

WordPress theme for designers

Oberon was intended to help you construct a professional online portfolio for your graphic design and illustration work, and it comes with over 12 homepage samples that help you accomplish the same.

Oberon, like many of the other themes on this list, is designed for both freelancers and agencies. As a result, if you select Oberon, you’ll be able to blend elements from both types of websites to build a unique website that suits your requirements.

Oberon is a designer-friendly WordPress theme with a variety of portfolio styles and layouts.

Some other features of this theme are:

  • The Oberon landing page templates may come in helpful if you have a new service, event, or product to market.You may use these templates to highlight the specifics of the new item by merging the many elements available with this theme.
  • Other elements include pie charts, pricing tables,  countdown timers, and call to action buttons. Any of these page components may be easily changed using the property panels.
  • This theme’s variety of pre-built layouts make it simple to share testimonials, present staff biographies, and outline your services.
  • You can easily add a blog to your website, offering you a place to share your news, ideas, and artistic endeavours. 
  • Thanks to complete support for the famous WooCommerce WordPress ecommerce plugin, you can also add an online store to your website.

The theme is available for $75, know more about Oberon by clicking demo!

Leedo: Best WordPress theme designers

WordPress theme for designers

Leedo is a WordPress portfolio theme with some visually appealing pre-built content.

Leedo is a trendy and colourful WordPress theme worth checking at if you want to showcase your design work or market your design services. There are over 20 distinct homepages included in the theme bundle that may be used for different entities including businesses and creative ventures, freelancing purposes, building a personal portfolio and more. Their designs are all vibrant and colourful, which should assist you draw in more people and encourage them to read your material. Leedo should be able to assist you show your portfolio online in an eye-catching way, regardless of the sort of design work you do or the information you create.

Some key features of this theme are:

  • You’ll have lots of options for exhibiting your work online because this is primarily a portfolio WordPress theme. There are many different portfolio templates to pick from, each with its unique look and feel.
  • You may add a variety of page designs to your site in addition to the homepage layouts and portfolio themes.
  • This theme’s functionality includes building a services page to market your expertise, publishing a sleek contact page to take queries from potential clients and partners, and beginning a blog.
  • It also has a great template that you can use to build a coming soon page to keep your visitors up to date with the current happenings of the website. 
  • It’s also feasible to add an online store to your design website, allowing you to sell both digital and physical things from your site.

The theme is currently available for $59, know more about Leedo by clicking demo!

Brando: WordPress theme for website designers

WordPress theme for website designers

Brando is a multi-purpose WordPress theme featuring a number of designer-friendly demos.

Many creatives that require a personal portfolio website should find the personal Brando demo to be a nice fit. This example makes a statement with vivid colours and lots of area to exhibit your work. Thanks to the permanent sidebar menu, your visitors will have no trouble navigating your website.  Moreover, the one-page layout structure is fantastic for showing all of your most important material, and the built-in slider tool allows you to swiftly add slideshows of the material to any of the page sections.

Brando is a designer-friendly WordPress theme that makes effective use of the one-page layout style.

Brando’s key features are:

  • The site comes with over 10 pre-made samples to suit your liking. It also comes with the WPBakery plugin
  • The above tool allows you to easily change any of the Brando demonstrations and pre-built templates, guaranteeing that your WordPress website has the proper look.
  • You may alter colours, fonts, layouts, headers, and much more using the customization tools, which are all accessible through a simple user interface.
  • The agency demo, which is suitable for presenting team biographies, services offered, and completed projects, is one of the other Brando demonstrations that can be of interest to designers.
  • Whether you’re showcasing your images or other forms of visual work, the photography demo would function nicely on a designer website.
  • All Brando demos come with designs and themes for your site’s inner pages, including portfolio, blog, home, and contact pages.

The theme is available for $59, know more about Brando by clicking demo!

Cooper: WordPress theme for Website Designers

WordPress theme for website designers

Cooper is a more intimate theme for designers looking to create a vibrant online portfolio that speaks to the audience.

The majority of the 11 Cooper demonstrations are geared toward creating a personal portfolio website, although there are a few alternatives that might be useful for design firms. There are even a few ecommerce site demos for anyone who wishes to use WordPress to construct an online store.

Cooper is a WordPress theme for designers that contains several unique features as well as a robust feature set, making it one of the best wordpress themes for designers.

Some key features of this theme are:

  • When you look at the Cooper demos, you’ll see that this theme has a distinct look and feel that will help you make a positive first impression on your visitors.
  • The motion effects should amaze your visitors as they navigate through your sites. With this popular WordPress theme for designers, you can configure both the text and colours on your site to animate, so have a look at the Cooper samples.
  • There’s practically no cap on the number of slideshows you can add to your website owing to Slider Revolution’s capabilities and various features, which include picture, video, and product-based presentations.
  • It also comes included with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin which helps you make any changes to your website. 
  • The theme comes with a comprehensive set of video and textual instructions to help you imbibe the most amount of information.
  • The eCommerce setup is also stellar, thanks to the addition of different kinds of online stores and the presence of premium WooSwatches add-on. 

The theme is currently available for $59, know more about Cooper by clicking demo!

Ukiyo: WordPress theme for designers

WordPress theme for website designers

Ukiyo is a brand-new WordPress theme for independent designers and design firms looking to establish a strong online presence.

Fully functional with ecommerce support for selling all kinds of items online, a plethora of blogging related templates to keep the audience updated with the latest news, and a slew of other website customization tools, options, and settings are just a few of the intriguing features of Ukiyo that you might want to take advantage of.

Some key features of Ukiyo are:

  • All of the Ukiyo homepage demonstrations are eye-catching. As a result, if you’re seeking for a strong and trendy WordPress theme, Ukiyo may be just what you’re looking for.
  • The theme also strives to impress a large audience with over 15 diverse homepage demos to choose from.
  • Following your selection of a homepage example, you’ll be able to select from a variety of single page themes for each piece of content you post.This ensures that your information is presented in the best possible light, with a distinct appearance for each portfolio item or case study you post online.
  • There are several alternatives to select from at each stage of the above mentioned process, ensuring that your work is displayed in the best possible light. As a result, Ukiyo is one of the most adaptable motifs in this collection, making it one of the best wordpress themes for designers.

The theme is currently available for $75, know more about Ukiyo by clicking demo!

WordPress themes are used by many professionals from all over the world for a variety of purposes. These websites may be used for a number of things, from starting an eCommerce business to blogging about one’s daily activities, and the themes just help to make them more useful. The themes mentioned above are some of the best WordPress themes for designers and we hope that the information mentioned above is useful to you and that it has made a valuable difference in your outlook towards WordPress themes. Keep an eye out for additional articles about various WordPress themes coming soon, and we can’t wait for you to learn more about WordPress and its numerous applications!

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