Best Responsive Restaurant WordPress Themes
11 Best Responsive Restaurant WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the most popular tools currently used for building full-fledged websites and launching one’s budding career. It provides the user with a host of tools at their disposal that help them make conscious choices about the way they want their page to be seen and perceived by their audience. 

Are you currently in the restaurant business or are looking to start your own services but don’t know where to start? Fear not! We’ve got you covered. Either way, in today’s digital age, it is imperative you have a digital presence that speaks volumes about your work and helps people in making informed decisions about spending their hard earned money in your restaurant. Moreover, a digital presence gives you more leverage and helps make a more informed decision in terms of location, pricing and many other instances. If you’re just starting out or are looking to broaden your audience and cater to a more diverse crowd, this is the place for you!

Read on, to know more about some of the best responsive restaurant WordPress themes!

Astra: Best Responsive Restaurant WordPress Themes

Best Responsive Restaurant WordPress Themes

A formidable theme designed for all kinds of professionals, Astra certainly is one of the best WordPress resume themes. 

  • It has more than a dozen ready-to-use website templates that allow the user to create any kind of website in an instant. 
  • Astra has some some lovely custom widgets and page templates.
  • Astra works perfectly with the WordPress block editor along with other well known builder plugins like Elementor and Visual Composer.
  • Responsive WordPress themes are one of the main criterias that can help make informed choices about the theme that you might want to use to build your website and showcase your resume.. With Astra’s responsive design, it helps ensure that the website that you will build looks phenomenal on each and every device. 

The most basic version of Astra has no cost, making it one of the most viable options if you’re currently living on a purse that can’t boast of a sizeable width.

Interested in seeing what Astra theme looks like? Click below to view demo!

OceanWP: Best Responsive Restaurant WordPress Themes

Best Responsive Restaurant WordPress Themes

You have complete control over your construction process using OceanWP. One of OceanWP’s biggest advantages is that it makes it simple for users to get their site up and running with only one click.

  • This theme, which is compatible with Elementor, WPBakery, Beaver Builder, Divi, and other plugins, provides incredible versatility and adaptability to any website owner’s workflow.
  • The theme is responsive, ecommerce-ready, translation-ready, and RTL-ready.
  •  It comes with lightweight pages for quick load times, a built-in SEO foundation, and exceptional customer service.
  • It also has add-ons that allow you to make your site full-screen scrolling, display a cookie warning, and add pop-ups and social feeds.

Keeping with the theme of versatility, OceanWP has a breadth of tools and features that is practically unrivalled in the industry. The basic version of OceanWP is free, but premium features such as custom page layouts, specialised Elementor widgets, and access to more example sites that you can install in minutes are available. 

Interested in seeing what OceanWP theme looks like? Click below to view demo!

Divi: WordPress Theme Restaurant Responsive

WordPress Theme Restaurant Responsive

Divi is a versatile WordPress theme with a sophisticated drag-and-drop builder and nearly limitless design options, allowing you to create any site you desire.

Divi has all of the features you’d expect from a high-end WordPress theme, including: 

  •  It has a comprehensive theme settings panel making sure that the user gets the perfect experience on your website and helping you build the most impeccable website with the the different features.
  • The ability to utilise pre-made layouts or create your own
  •  The numerous header choices with varied styles are a boon, they give you different options catering to your needs and helping you make an informed choice about the theme.

For example, you can toggle a button in the Divi Builder to apply parallax scrolling to any background picture.

If you just want to spend in one WordPress theme and make sure that the theme is worth spending on, Divi is an excellent choice. (Especially considering you also receive the Bloom email opt-in plugin and the Monarch social sharing plugin!

Interested in seeing what Divi theme looks like? Click below to view demo!

Ultra: Restaurant WordPress Themes Responsive

WordPress Theme Restaurant Responsive

Try Ultra if you want to get your website up and operating rapidly.

This WordPress theme is extremely adaptable and user-friendly, allowing you to easily construct and run a completely distinctive website to showcase your portfolio or your prior experiences. It includes a demo that you can import and customise, which cuts your setup time in half.

With just a few clicks, you can create your own sites, blog entries, photos, videos, slideshows, and contribution forms. You may also add your own logo and customise the colour palette, backdrops, layouts, and more to represent your organization’s or cause’s uniqueness.

Some of Ultra’s features include:

  • It is compatible with WooCommerce, WordPress’s premiere plugin that can give users the most seamless shopping experience.
  • The Mega menu feature allows you to display recent posts and make your page palatable for your audience.
  • The SiteOrigin page builder plugin helps you build beautiful pages for your website.

Interested in seeing what Ultra theme looks like? Click below to view demo!

Neve: Restaurant WordPress Themes Responsive

Restaurant WordPress Themes Responsive

ThemeIsle’s Neve is a mobile-first theme that works with a variety of page builders. It’s lightweight, mobile-friendly, and allows you to quickly construct websites, making it one of the best responsive restaurant wordpress themes.

It includes more than 80 distinct beginning sites, making it simple to create a company or consultancy website.

Some of Neve’s features are:

  • It has a unique drag and drop interface that can help create stellar headers.
  • It is a fully functioning, extremely fast theme, making it the preferred choice for developers and one of the best wordpress agency themes.
  • It also integrates with some of the leading page builders like Elementor and Gutenberg.
  • The header and footer are customisable, helping you design them according to your vision and building the perfect website. 

The basic version is free, however there are different plans available with varying prices. Annual plans range from $181 to $306. Interested in seeing what Neve theme looks like? Click below to view demo!

SeedProd: WordPress Restaurant Theme Responsive

11 Best Responsive Restaurant WordPress Themes 1

SeedProd is the greatest WordPress drag-and-drop theme builder. It allows you to rapidly design a custom theme for your resume site without requiring any coding skills. It includes a number of pre-made themes that you can import with a single click.

You may adjust any aspect of your theme, including headers, footers, pages, articles, sidebars, and WooCommerce pages, using the drag and drop visual editor. You may also include pre-built blocks like as photos, social profiles, testimonials, videos, and more.

Some other features of SeedProd are:

  • It has numerous colour schemes and and font combinations ensuring that you have enough choice to pick the best looking combinations and build a stunning website.
  • It integrates with email marketing services and helps ensure that your work reaches maximum number of people effortlessly.
  • Live previews are also available, helping you see how the site looks at every step of its construction and making sure that no mistake goes unnoticed, in turn also ensuring that the users have a smoother onboarding process.
  • The theme is also super fast, ensuring that the user doesn’t have to wait endlessly on the page or look at the insufferable loading screen. 
  • It also has over 200 templates giving you a wide variety to choose from and build the perfect website according to your brand.

SeedProd costs $39.50 per year. You’ll need the Pro plan, which costs $199.50 per year, to use the theme builder. Interested in seeing what SeedProd theme looks like? Click below to view demo!

Carbone: WordPress Theme Restaurant Responsive

WordPress Theme Restaurant Responsiv

Carbone is a WordPress theme specifically built restaurants and cafes. Its robust menu management system is integrated within the theme. The system comes with a wide variety of features including page templates, pricing options and many more. The website also has over 100 choices when it comes to customisers, ensuring that you have a smooth sailing experience while building the site.

Some features of Carbone are:

  • It is compatible with WooCommerce, WordPress’s premiere plugin that can give users the most seamless shopping experience.
  • Carbone takes care of your site’s design while allowing you to utilise your favourite online ordering plugin or third-party restaurant management tool.
  • The theme is SEO optimised, ensuring that your content ranks higher than other similar websites, giving you an edge over other similar websites and helping you grow your audience faster.
  • It is also speed optimized, to ensure that it loads faster and without any glitches. This is extremely important considering that users don’t like seeing loading screens or blank landing pages for too long.
  • If you’re a visual thinker and believe that visuals help amplify experiences, the Elementor page builder is perfect for you! The theme is compatible with the builder and its pro feature as well.

Interested in seeing what Carbone theme looks like? Click below to view demo!


WordPress Theme Restaurant Responsive

Consisting of a sidebar navigation menu along with a two-column layout, Umami is the perfect theme for you if you want to make a visually stunning website. If you think your food speaks for itself and the pictures are par excellence, then the fullscreen photograph upload option is perfect for you! 

Some key features of this theme are:

  • The theme has cross browser compatibility, ensuring that it works smoothly no matter what it is being accessed on.
  • It has custom colours which you may use to make your website stand out.
  • It is easy to customise and has a smooth functionality, making it one of the best responsive restaurant wordpress themes.
  • You can integrate your restaurant’s menu very easily and it even has support for additional optional thumbnails which open in lightbox.
  • It is compatible with WooCommerce, WordPress’ leading shopping plugin, ensuring that your online shop provides the users a seamless shopping experience and that they come back for more.

Interested in seeing what Umani theme looks like? Click below to view demo!

Restaurantz: WordPress Theme Restaurant Responsive

wordpress themes responsive restaurant

Restaurantz is a clean and professional restaurant WordPress theme that is ideal for a restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, or any other type of food establishment. 

Some key features of this theme are:

  • Because the theme is powered by Site Origin’s Page Builder, the drag-and-drop feature will come in useful while customising the page layout.
  • The theme supports Jetpack’s Food Menu, which you can easily display on your site. 
  • It contains a Theme Options panel based on the sophisticated Customizer API, which makes customising and configuring the theme a breeze. Prebuilt layouts for the home page, about, and contact pages are provided, allowing you to acquire your page layout with one click.
  • You can add an about section to give your site more legitimacy and it also has a fullwidth header slider.

Interested in seeing what Restaurantz theme looks like? Click below to view demo!

Mise En Place: Restaurant WordPress Theme Responsive

restaurant WordPress theme responsive

Mise En Place is a wonderful WordPress restaurant theme. It contains a fullscreen image backdrop on the homepage and allows you to customise navigation menu, the logo, and call-to-action icons. The theme is easy to configure and will aid you in rapidly getting your food site up and running.

Some key features of this theme are:

  • You may pick from hundreds of fonts for the text on your website thanks to the Google Fonts integration.
  • It is also extremely flexible, you can add widgets to your cart menu, mobile menu, footer and sidebars.
  • It also uses the exceptional and free PageBuilder plugin helping you build the perfect website for your services.
  • It is also speed optimized, to ensure that it loads faster and without any glitches. This is extremely important considering that users don’t like seeing loading screens or blank landing pages for too long.
  • It is also translation ready, ensuring that your website caters to a wider demographic and helps you in building a much needed audience base.

Interested in seeing what Mise En Place theme looks like? Click below to view demo!

Hestia: Restaurant WordPress Theme Responsive

Restaurant WordPress Theme Responsive

Hestia is a flexible WordPress theme with a lot of options. It is considered one of the best responsive restaurant themes because of its wide range of features.

Hestia has a lovely homepage design with a huge image at the top and call-to-action buttons. 

Some of Hestia’s most prominent features include: 

  • Slick Material Design
  • Compatible with Page Builder
  • Everything happens with the customizer
  • Comes with starter sites
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Unmatched speed

Hestia is free, retina ready and it is also one of the few responsive WordPress themes for artists, making it a very desirable theme for usage and for an elevated outlook to the website.

Interested in seeing what Hestia theme looks like? Click below to view demo!

WordPress themes are used by many professionals from all over the world for a variety of purposes. From creating a website to build an eCommerce business to creating it to blog about one’s daily happenings, these websites have limitless usages and these themes only help alleviate the existing need for them. The themes mentioned above are some of the best responsive restaurant WordPress themes and we hope that the information mentioned above is useful to you and that it has made a valuable difference in your outlook towards WordPress themes. Stay tuned, for we have many more articles related to various WordPress themes coming and we can’t wait for you to discover more about WordPress and its plethora of usages!

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