Best Hosting WordPress Themes
7 Best Hosting WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the most popular tools currently used for building full-fledged websites and launching one’s budding career. It provides the user with a host of tools at their disposal that help them make conscious choices about the way they want their page to be seen and perceived by their audience.

You may be excused for assuming that designing a website for a web hosting firm would be challenging. Choosing one of the things in our list of the finest hosting WordPress themes, on the other hand, may make creating this sort of website surprisingly simple.

You may create your attractive and professional web hosting website in no time with a large choice of demo modes ready to be imported in just a few clicks. After that, you may customise the look of your website using the theme’s options and settings.

Read on to know more about some of the best WordPress hosting themes!

Nexbunkr: Best Hosting WordPress Themes

7 Best Hosting WordPress Themes 1

With user friendly templates along with pre-built demos for ease of usage, Nextbunkr is the ideal theme to get a chic looking website up as fast as possible. The professional outlook along with its server related background features and tolerable pricing plans makes it a preferred theme. This theme is used by enterprises and other web hosting firms to build a sleek and professional website.

Nexbunkr, on the other hand, includes a few extra aspects and features that should help your hosting website stand out from the crowd. 

  • The theme employs some very appealing animation effects that get activated as the user continues to scroll down the page. Along with these, even the text has some really cool effects. However, most of these tag along features are completely optional so if you are a more minimal person and are not fond of the fanciness of these features, you can always choose to get rid of them.. 
  • The pre-made templates of the site contain fancy features such as search bars. Moreover, they’re also connected to the domain registry service via the WHMCS interface. This will aid you in helping you new clients with their registration process.
  • While all of the Nexbunkr designs are suitable for hosting business websites, you may personalise them. It simply takes a few clicks to start customising these templates with an excellent drag-and-drop user interface thanks to the inclusion of the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin.
  • It has been noticed that most of Nextbunkr’s default themes are more than sufficient to build a perfect website.
  • Your website will be able to effortlessly manage signups from visitors using smartphone devices thanks to a responsive design.

Interested in seeing what NexBunkr theme looks like? Click below to view demo!

Hostinza: Best WordPress Themes for Hosting Company

Best WordPress Themes for Hosting Company

Hostinza is a sleek, modern WordPress web hosting and domain name registration theme.

The Hostinza theme is definitely worth checking out if you want to guarantee that your web hosting and domain name registration company website has the correct look. The pre-built website material is all geared toward assisting you in creating a professional company website using WordPress. 

In addition to the theme’s current and attractive appearance, Hostinza is jam-packed with important features to guarantee that your website not only looks fantastic but also operates properly, making it one of the best wordpress hosting themes.

  • With 11 various homepage designs to select from, the Hostinza theme collection is sure to have something perfect for you. If you examine the various designs included in the bundle, you’ll see that isometric drawings play a significant role in the overall style and appearance of these hosting website demonstrations.
  • Multiple price table designs to help you compare your hosting plans and other packages, WHMCS connection for offering and managing domain and hosting accounts, and full ecommerce support for taking orders and collecting payments online are just a few of the features available. 
  • You also have access to the sophisticated Elementor page building tool, as well as the opportunity to alter all of the example material included with Hostinza.
  • Many components of your website, including fonts, colors, and layout settings, may be customised using the theme options control panel.
  • It’s very simple to get started with Hostinza. You may rapidly import pre-built content from the theme to your WordPress website using the sample importer tool.
  • After that, you may continue setting up your new web hosting business website by consulting the online documentation and instructions.

Hostinza excels in combining a wide range of functions with a professional and attractive design. Interested in seeing what Hostinza theme looks like? Click below to view demo!

Hostiko: Best WordPress Theme for Hosting Services

Best WordPress Theme for Hosting Services

Hostiko offers a free installation and setup service to assist you in getting your hosting website up and running.

In addition to this support, Hostiko has a sleek and relevant design that will ensure your hosting website has the professional image it need to promote your business. Your visitors should have no trouble trusting your website with their domain and hosting purchases thanks to the theme’s high-quality demonstrations. If you look at the pre-built Hostiko examples, you’ll notice that this theme may be used to construct a broad range of various hosting sites.

  • There are a variety of styles in the hosting demo collection that should appeal to diverse target audiences. As a result, no matter who your target consumer is, you should be able to use this theme to design a website that appeals to them.
  • While the Hostiko website samples are attractive, and there should be an acceptable alternative for most readers, you are not restricted to using the pre-built material. 
  • Through a simple drag-and-drop user interface, you can take complete control of the design of your website with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, which is included at no additional cost. 
  • Hostiko also comes with all of the standard hosting capabilities. This includes WHMCS connection, which lets your clients manage their domains and hosting accounts directly from your website.
  • You may also use the theme choices and control panel to make site-wide modifications to your hosting website, ensuring that it looks precisely way you want it to.
  • You may also use tools like the price table builder to present your hosting plans in a way that makes them easy to compare for your visitors. Everything about this theme is also mobile-friendly, allowing your clients to control their hosting packages from their smartphones.

With so many amazing designs in one bundle, there’s a good chance Hostiko will fit your project well. Interested in seeing what Hostika theme looks like? Click below to view demo!

Phox: Best WordPress Themes for Hosting Company

7 Best Hosting WordPress Themes 2

You may pick from four distinct website demos for your hosting company site with Phox.

Phox, like many of the top hosting WordPress themes, provides you with a variety of website designs. Towards the time of writing, the Phox package includes three demos aimed at web hosting companies, as well as two other examples that may work for a web hosting firm with some tweaking. Most readers should be able to utilise the purpose-built hosting business demonstrations for their website without needing to study the other alternatives in the Phox package because they have been constructed to a very high quality. All these advanced functionalities make Phox one of the best hosting wordpress themes.

  • While the Phox demonstrations are attractive, they are also quite useful. Your visitors may easily find the suitable domain for their project with the domain name availability search tool. 
  • Because the search tool is driven by Ajax, no extra pages are loaded each time a visitor conducts a search. Phox interacts with WHMCS, as you’d expect from a premium hosting theme, so your users can efficiently search for available domains and register them through your website, as well as do a lot more with their hosting accounts. 
  • Thanks to a clever shortcode, you can also embed the search box onto any page on your website.
  • Hopefully, the Phox demonstrations’ designs are appropriate for your company, but if not, they can all be readily altered.
  • All of the templates in this theme can be changed using the popular Elementor page builder plugin, since it was designed to work with it. 
  • The theme settings panel also allows you to make various modifications to your website, such as changing the colours, fonts, and other elements. All of this enables you to construct a custom hosting company website using a pre-made theme.

Phox is more than simply a pretty set of website designs. It has a lot of business-oriented functionality. Interested in seeing what Phox theme looks like? Click below to view demo!

HostCluster: Best Hosting WordPress Themes

Best Hosting WordPress Themes

HostCluster will assist you with launching a website for your hosting company as soon as feasible.

The HostCluster package includes a number of pre-built website demos that are all geared to assist hosting firms in establishing a professional-looking online presence to sell their services. 

  • Regardless of whatever HostCluster website sample you select for your site, you’ll have access to a well-designed homepage with plenty of useful widgets and sections. 
  • Many of the HostCluster demonstrations, for example, contain domain search forms that allow your visitors to quickly identify the names they want and then begin the registration process. 
  • You’ll discover attractive tables further down the homepage layouts that may be utilised to compare your items and plans in an easy-to-read style. These tables will come in helpful if you provide several hosting plans or domain registration services.
  • Because this is a new WordPress hosting theme, it features a totally current and up-to-date design that will assist give your website a professional appearance.
  • Other elements and components included with the HostCluster theme for use on your website include interactive maps for displaying the locations of your data centres, a customer feedback or testimonials presentation module for sharing feedback from your users, and a FAQ section for publishing answers to frequently asked questions.
  • WHMCS integration, for example, allows you to automate elements of your business, allowing your website to manage signups, billing, and support without much human intervention. 
  • The premium WPBakery Page Builder is provided to enable customising any of the pre-built material that makes up the HostCluster demonstrations not only feasible but also very simple.

Interested in seeing what HostCluster theme looks like? Click below to view demo!

Spark: Best Hosting WordPress Themes

Best Hosting WordPress Themes

Spark is a feature-rich responsive WordPress theme designed specifically for web hosting companies.

The Spark demonstrations’ clean and user-friendly designs won’t get in the way if you want to make it as simple as possible for your visitors to sign up and purchase one of your web hosting plans. The Spark theme, with four different demos to pick from, should appeal to a wide spectrum of website owners, making it one of the best hosting  wordpress themes

  • You’ll be able to provide a comprehensive web hosting service to your visitors and clients thanks to this WordPress hosting theme’s full WHMCS integration. They’ll be able to not only join up and register with your firm, but also look for and register domains with ease.
  • Spark makes it simple to set up a new website for your web hosting company. The one-click demo importer tool does most of the heavy lifting for you, letting you to focus on uploading your company logo and writing your sales and marketing material. 
  • WPBakery, a sophisticated page builder, is also included. Through a straightforward user interface, this drag-and-drop website designer allows anybody to alter and create their WordPress site.
  • You’ll receive access to the premium Slider Revolution slideshow builder plugin, as well as a slew of other essential features, if you pick Spark over WPBakery.

Spark has a highly current style that should be able to assist anyone in creating a great WordPress web hosting website. Interested in seeing what Spark theme looks like? Click below to view demo!

MaxHost: Best Web Hosting WordPress Theme

7 Best Hosting WordPress Themes 3

MaxHost features a number of website demonstrations to help you get started with WordPress hosting.

MaxHost is the theme for your hosting company website if you want a single theme with a lot of nice choices. The various demonstrations all offer beautiful yet professional designs that should help you showcase your hosting firm in the best possible light online.

  • When looking over the MaxHost samples, keep in mind that they can all be readily customised to fit your needs. 
  • The powerful WPBakery Page Builder comes with this theme to aid you with this modification work by bringing real drag-and-drop editing to your WordPress website.
  • MaxHost was also designed to interact with the Elementor page builder plugin, providing you even another way to customise your site. Because MaxHost includes several more Elementor modules, this may be your preferred option for designing your site.
  • Whether you just provide a few hosting services or have a vast portfolio of plans and packages, the MaxHost package should include a collection of templates that are appropriate for your business.
  • MaxHost also integrates with the WooCommerce plugin, which allows you to accept payments, sell items, and conduct other financial activities on your website.
  • MaxHost has been modified and enhanced several times over the course of its existence. Since its first release, more functionality have been incorporated and new templates have been built. As a result, if you go with MaxHost, you’ll receive a theme that’s been tried and tested by a lot of people while also being fully up-to-date.
  • MaxHost’s user evaluations also suggest that this is a theme you can rely on for your hosting company’s website.

Most sorts of web hosting provider websites are covered by the MaxHost demonstrations. Interested in seeing what MaxHost theme looks like? Click below to view demo!

WordPress themes are used by many professionals from all over the world for a variety of purposes. From creating a website to build an eCommerce business to creating it to blog about one’s daily happenings, these websites have limitless usages and these themes only help alleviate the existing need for them. The themes mentioned above are some of the best hosting wordpress themes and we hope that the information mentioned above is useful to you and that it has made a valuable difference in your outlook towards WordPress themes. Stay tuned, for we have many more articles related to various WordPress themes coming and we can’t wait for you to discover more about WordPress and its plethora of usages!

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