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11 Best Consulting WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms for creating full-fledged websites and establishing one’s fledgling profession. It gives the user a set of options to choose from to assist them make informed decisions about how their page should be seen and interpreted by their audience.

If you work as a consultant, you must have a website. After all, if you don’t have one, how would your present clients contact you, and how will potential prospects learn about your prior work?

You don’t want to spend too much time thinking about your website, though. Your revenue as a consultant comes from assisting your clients, not from having the shiniest, trendiest features on your website.

Finally, you’ll need a website that effectively communicates your services in a concise and easy-to-understand way.

You may quickly establish a website for your consulting firm using a specific WordPress template and then get back to work.

We’ll go through the 11 best consulting WordPress themes in this article. We’ll also go through the many factors to think about while picking which theme or template to utilise.

Divi: Best WordPress Consulting Themes

Best Consulting WordPress Themes

A highly popular and multipurpose WordPress theme, Divi is one of the most sought-after themes for all kinds of artists. 

  • It comes with quite a few layout packs, allowing you to construct a great website fast and effortlessly.
  • With this theme, one can easily pick out of the unlimited colours, all the available Google fonts, the dozens of different elements, and much more. 
  • One does not need any front-end code like HTML or CSS to get the site looking just the way one might want it to. 
  • Divi also comes optimized for WordPress SEO which helps your site rank better on various search engines.

Divi comes with a free trial, to know more about Divi click the demo below.

Astra: Best WordPress Consulting Themes

Best WordPress Consulting Themes

A formidable theme designed for all kinds of consultants and professionals, Astra certainly is one of the best consulting WordPress themes. 

  • It has more than a dozen ready-to-use website templates that allow the user to create any kind of website in an instant. 
  • Elementor and Visual Composer, two of the most popular page builder plugins, are fully compatible with Astra.
  • It is a responsive theme, which can help users make informed choices about the kind of website they want to build. With Astra’s responsive design, it helps ensure that the website that you will build looks phenomenal on each and every device. 

The most basic version of Astra has no cost, making it one of the most viable options if you’re currently living on a purse that can’t boast of a sizeable width.

Astra pro is available, know more about Astra by clicking demo

Capacious: Best WordPress Theme for Consulting Business

Best WordPress Theme for Consulting Business

Do you want your website to appeal to the average consumer but you’re not sure about what the design of it might entail? Fear not, Capacious is just the theme for you to make your website more consumer-friendly! It’s totally mobile-friendly and responsive. The theme is perfectly responsive. Moreover, it is a one page design that is extremely diverse and caters to almost any brand type.

Along with a premium paid version, the theme is also available in a free edition. Extra features include button design, additional navigation choices, more methods to use breadcrumbs, WooCommerce compatibility, and themes in the premium version.

Capacious Pro is a must-have for everyone who accepts payments using WooCommerce.

Some other features of Capacious are:

  • The theme has cross browser compatibility, ensuring that it works smoothly no matter what it is being accessed on.
  • It has unlimited google font options, elevating the website and giving it more finesse.
  • Multiple preload options, ensuring that the website looks attractive even on the loading screen.

  The pro version of Capacious is available, check out the demo by clicking below!

Seva: Best WordPress Consulting Themes

11 Best Consulting WordPress Themes 1

Seva is a WordPress theme specifically built for professionals like consultants, coaches, and people who dabble in similar fields. It includes a wide variety of templates for building a consulting website, including many features like podcasts, portfolio listings, landing pages and many more. 

  • This theme is responsive and mobile-friendly. 
  • It offers a newsletter subscription area and ready-made landing pages, among other features that might help you expand your consulting firm. It has a portfolio option that can help you highlight your previous work
  • The multiple premade templates can also come in handy to build a quick and fully functional website
  • You can choose from over 1000+ google fonts, making this theme one of the best wordpress consulting themes.

Seva Lite, a free version of their theme, is also available.

Interested in seeing what Seva looks like? Click below to view demo!

SKT Consulting: WordPress Theme for Consulting Company

WordPress Theme for Consulting Company

SKT is a business with a variety of themes, some of which are geared for enterprises and consultants. The most well-known is “SKT Consulting,” which is intended for consulting businesses.

The theme also includes countless other features including a well-built services page, dedicated spaces for information related to team members, contact forms and more.

The free edition of this theme is open for public usage and can be downloaded, while the pro version costs about $39. 

Some more features of this theme are:

  • This theme functions well with the Gutenberg editor.
  • It is compatible with a number of slider plugins, giving you a wide variety to choose from and ensuring that the website looks great.
  • It’s also compatible with WooCommerce, WordPress’ most popular shopping plugin, guaranteeing that your online store gives customers a pleasant purchasing experience and encourages them to return.

Interested in seeing what SKT Consulting looks like? Click below to view demo!

Monstroid2: Best WordPress Theme for Consulting Business

Best WordPress Theme for Consulting Business

Monstroid2 is a WordPress theme with 50 built-in layouts that can be used for a myriad of purposes. Many of these are suitable for use in corporations and other consulting services.

Monstroid2 is developed using Elementor, making it simple to construct your site with the drag-and-drop interface. There are a variety of built-in components, including a services page, portfolio page, contact page, and more.

Overall, Monstroid2 is a fantastic choice for a versatile theme that can be utilised for a range of websites.

Some other features that Monstroid2 offers are:

  • The JetBlog plugin is an extremely efficient plugin that can help you write stellar blogs about your work. It even has a video playlist feature giving it a full fledged experience.
  • It has a very impressive 3D parallax for the landing page.
  • It is also compatible with WooCommerce, WordPress’ leading shopping plugin, ensuring that your online shop provides the users a seamless shopping experience and that they come back for more!
  • It is also responsive and has a number of advanced theme options.

Interested in seeing what Monstroid2 looks like? Click below to view demo!

CosmoWP: WordPress Theme for Consulting Company

WordPress Theme for Consulting Company

CosmosWP is a simple WordPress theme with hundreds of ready-to-use layouts. There are two that are tailored to consultants.

Each one has sections for showcasing your services, showcasing prior projects, providing a contact form, and other similar features. It’s also simple to add a top bar with your email and email address, which is useful for making it easier for clients to reach you.

Some features of CosmoWP are:

  • It has dozens of professional starter sites and demo library built by creative web designers. You can simply install from the numerous ready-made sites and save yourself some precious hours with the codeless customization options that you can avail just from a single click.
  • The starter sites are SEO developed, ensuring that your site has a good ranking and that it gives you the required exposure.
  • It is a very lightweight theme, implying that it loads almost instantly, helping users save a lot of time and energy.
  • The WooCommerce compatibility gives it an extra edge, and helps provide the users with a smooth shopping experience. 

CosmoWP has different kinds of plans, that are available at varying costs. You may select any one that caters to your requirements. The monthly plan starts at $19.99 per month for a single site and $39 help pay for an annual license of one website. 

Interested in seeing what CosmoWP looks like? Click below to view demo!

CoachPress: Best WordPress Theme for Consulting Business

Best WordPress Theme for Consulting Business

CoachPress is a website for coaches and other personal advisors. It’s simple to change the fonts, colours, layouts, and other design aspects on your website. 

There’s also a newsletter feature to help you grow your email list, as well as social media integrations like Instagram. Most significantly, the theme includes over 10 distinct landing page layouts, which are crucial for attracting the attention of potential clients in the future.

Some other features of this theme are:

  • A strategically placed newsletter section that can help you grow subscribers and build a strong follower base.
  • Seamless social media integration that can help aid growth and make you more accessible to anyone who visits the website.
  • You may also include testimonials on your webpage to offer your services more clout and offer you an advantage over competing experts.
  • Over 900 Google fonts are available helping you make an informed decision regarding how the website should look.

All these features coupled with seamless functionality make this theme one of the best consulting WordPress themes. Interested in seeing what CoachPress looks like? Click below to view demo!

Vandana: Best WordPress Theme for Consulting Business

Best WordPress Theme for Consulting Business

Vandana is a feminine-oriented coaching, mentoring, therapy, and other sorts of consultants theme. It is designed to increase your lead generation and includes a newsletter section with CTAs to help you gain new subscribers (and ultimately customers).

Additionally, the theme is fully configurable, allowing you to fine-tune any parameters to match your brand. Perhaps most significantly, Vandana’s integration and sticky social icons make it simple to expand your social network following.

Some other features of this theme are:

  • It has a mobile-friendly design, ensuring that your website looks spectacular on the go!
  • The numerous pre-made templates are a boon and help save precious time. 
  • It also has a portfolio section where you can display all your work and give yourself more credibility.
  • Live previews of how the site will seem as you develop it are also accessible, guaranteeing that you have the best site-building experience possible and that your site will not fail in front of any user.

Interested in seeing what Vandana looks like? Click below to view demo!

Ridhi Pro: Best WordPress Consulting Themes

11 Best Consulting WordPress Themes 2

This theme relies heavily on the generation of leads. Coaches, public speakers, and other sorts of consultants will benefit from it. It provides excellent newsletter and appointment scheduling integration.

Moreover, Ridhi is SEO-friendly, ensuring that your current content ranks higher in search results.

Ridhi is also accessible in a free version. The premium edition offers a slew of new features, such as pre-made pages, slow picture loading, and other handy features.

Some features of this theme are:

  • The much-needed testimonials section gives you bragging rights and helps you build a more credible brand.
  • It’s also tuned for speed, so it loads quickly and without any hiccups. This is critical since people dislike seeing loading windows or barren landing pages for lengthy periods of time.
  • It is also translation ready and will help you set up a website in more than one language, thus possibly helping you cater to a wider demographic.
  • It also has a video section where you can embed any video and make your website more visually appealing. You can even give introductions and make it more interactive.

Interested in seeing what Ridhi Pro looks like? Click below to view demo!

Neve: WordPress Theme for Consulting Company

11 Best Consulting WordPress Themes 3

ThemeIsle’s Neve is a mobile-first theme that works with a variety of page builders. It’s lightweight, mobile-friendly, and allows you to quickly construct websites.

It includes more than 80 distinct beginning sites, making it simple to create a company or consultancy website.

Some of Neve’s features are:

  • It has a unique drag and drop interface that can help create stellar headers.
  • It’s a perfectly functioning, lightning-fast theme that’s popular among developers and one of the best consulting WordPress themes.
  • This theme is also compatible with some of the most sought after page builder plugins like Elementor and Gutenberg.

The simple version is available for free, however there are different plans available with varying prices. Interested in seeing what Neve looks like? Click below to view demo!

Many experts from all around the globe use WordPress themes for a variety of objectives. From creating a website to build an eCommerce business to creating it to blog about one’s daily happenings, these websites have limitless usages and these themes only help alleviate the existing need for them. The themes mentioned above are some of the best consulting WordPress themes and we hope that the information mentioned above is useful to you and that it has made a valuable difference in your outlook towards WordPress themes. Stay tuned, for we have many more articles related to various WordPress themes coming and we can’t wait for you to discover more about WordPress and its plethora of usages!

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